Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where did the old website go?

Don't worry.  This is all good news.  It is time to simplify my tea life while still supplying great tea.  So I have gone into a joint "adventure" with Silk Road Teas.  It will allow all of us to do what we do best, while supplying you with our combined array of top quality loose leaf teas featuring organic, wildcrafted and sustainable sourcing.  We'll always miss serving tea and meals at the restaurant, but are so glad to have had those three incredibly fun years at Hayes & Laguna.

How can you order tea now?  For the moment, simply drop me an email and we will take care of the shipment and payment details to best suit your needs.  Perhaps this seems old fashioned, but in these days of credit card security falling short of its goal for so many, it is refreshing to take a calmer, more careful road.  While the teas I offer are not yet on Silk Road's website, most of them are available and will remain so due to their strong following from people like you.  Thank you for your loyalty and patronage.

My apologies for this no frills transition - improvements will soon follow, but it is most important to get you a simple pathway to your delicious cup of choice.

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